Meet Miguel Nunes

Miguel Nunes was one of the observers who took part in REP17. See below a short Q&A about is participation and expectations.

What do you do and what is your interest in LSTS activities?

I work at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology which has a strong research focus in oceanography, geophysics, atmosphere, etc. One of the main focus of our work, through the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory, is to develop technology for space to support HIGP’s research, more specifically in remote sensing through satellites. The main interest in my participation in the LSTS activities is to create a stronger collaboration between FEUP and UH and to expand the capabilities to operate vehicles for remote science observations. The other main focus of this participation is to explore the integration of the observations made with the vehicles in the ocean (AUVs), air (UAVs) and ultimately space (satellites). The complete integration and coordination of the observations between all vehicles will produce more complete scientific data sets with different scales and observable phenomena that can potentially lead to better science and new discoveries.

What are your expectations for REP17?

My expectations/goals regarding the REP exercises were to observe and learn how the LSTS operates their vehicles in the field and to interact with the LSTS team to learn more about the software toolchain. One other objective was to the discuss the integration of the LSTS toolchain with the software that HSFL has developed for satellites mission operations: COSMOS. This could lead into a possible future mission using heterogeneous nodes from underwater, surface, air and space.

At the end of REP17, were your expectation met?

My expectations/goals were fulfilled during the two weeks. I had plenty of interactions with the LSTS team to see and participate in the operations and observe the daylight activities of the exercises. The LSTS team was also very kind in sharing and explaining how the software toolchain works which allowed me to compile and run NEPTUS and DUNE on my laptop.